Story Grid Diagnostic

Story Grid Diagnostic


This is for you if you have completed a draft manuscript. I'll read it so I can tell you what works and give specific recommendations on how to improve your writing and your next draft.

I'll deliver five things with my Story Grid Diagnostic:

  • A high-level analysis of your entire manuscript through my evaluation of 6 questions core questions about your draft. 
  • A 1-hour phone consultation to discuss your current draft and recommendations for how to approach the next draft. I will record and share this conversation with you.
  • A Story Grid spreadsheet analysis of the first 5 scenes of your draft.
  • A recommendation letter summarizing all of the above and sharing additional next steps for you to consider for your draft.
  • Additional recommended reading and resources to improve your writing.
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Please enter your name and your email in the provided form. Within one business day of you placing your order, I will follow up to ask for a .doc copy of your manuscript and so you can schedule a time for our call about your diagnostic (minimum 3 weeks out).