I will make you a better writer.

I will evaluate your story from macro and micro points of view to tell you if your story works, pinpoint specific problems and recommend fixes that make sense.

I edit using the Story Grid method, a tool to thoroughly analyze any story. Developed by an editor with 25+ years editing experience, Story Grid can significantly improve your writing and inspire your everyday writing work.

Check out the Story Grid website and book to learn more.

Services & Pricing


Cost: Free

This is for you if you want to chat about your story, Story Grid or anything about story structure or editing.


Cost: $500 per month

This is for you if you want to turn a story idea into a manuscript or if I've already evaluated your manuscript with the Story Grid Diagnostic (detailed below) and you would like my help more regularly on your next draft. We'll have weekly 1-hour coaching calls to develop your story and your writing.


Cost: $997

This is for you if you have completed a draft manuscript. I'll read it so I can tell you what works and give specific recommendations on how to improve your writing and your next draft.

I'll deliver five things with my Story Grid Diagnostic:

  • A high-level analysis of your entire manuscript through my evaluation of 6 core questions about your draft. 
  • A 1-hour phone consultation to discuss your current draft and recommendations for how to approach the next draft. I will record and share this conversation with you.
  • A Story Grid spreadsheet analysis of the first 5 scenes of your draft.
  • A recommendation letter summarizing all of the above and sharing additional next steps for you to consider for your draft.
  • Additional recommended reading and resources to improve your writing.